Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Black Cat Halloween Edition

Today’s foray into weirdness is a tribute to all the black cats who’ve been given a bad wrap rap.

Of course, I digress somewhere in the middle of this post.  

What?  You expected better?

BWAhahahahaha…  Good one!

Human’s aren’t the ones who have to worry about the predatory side of a black cat, and I have to say — their spelling is atrocious. 

However, there is one creature that might want to rethink having tormented a black cat when it was a kitten.

They don’t like to be the brunt of jokes.  Orange you glad you weren’t in the same room when this mama showed her stuff?

Black cats can be just as cute as any other cat…

Some jokes about black cats can be said about any fur, color or breed

…but this has to be the most tasteless joke of all

This is the closest that a black cat comes to being evil

There are deranged lunatics out and about during Halloween, and not all of them are wearing costumes.  Please…

Harm the hair on one little kitten and I guarantee that every cat guy and every cat lady in the universe is going to do this

It’s the cat guys you have to watch out for.  

Only a sexist pig thinks that cat ladies are crazy…er.  But if you ask my cat, here’s what he’ll tell you.

Whether black, white, brown or orange, as far as a cat is concerned,  food is the only thing that matters.

Or is it?