October writers of the #TMAT120

Tell me a Tale in 120 Words

Some prefer country

Some prefer city

One prefers both

but not at the same time

Opinions from around the world



The October 5th prompt was:  Which do you prefer, city living or country living…and why?

Here are links to the brave souls who stepped up and answered the challenge:



Having lived in the country for all of my life I have to say I like country living.

In fact, I live in my family home which I bought when my dad died back in 2012.

I have worked in the city at various times and the one thing that got me every time was the amount of time it took to get from one place to another.

Country living isn’t always perfect, but the quiet, laid-back attitude to life is always a winner for me.

For me when I look out over my ‘ocean view’ in the form of farming land along the flood plain behind my house there is no question as to where I prefer to be.



Which do you prefer, city living or country living…

I love city living because we can…
…park our Lamborghini in the middle of the town square and people look, take photos and admire it.

…have flashing lights in the Eiffel Tower. Cool place!

…have a big stucture in the middle of a mall

… play some instruments or be a living statue or any sort of busking

… have big cranes for any big construction, new building, new mall, new hotel

… have a big stadium for football, where millions of people watch the game

…see women working in a building site with their high visibility saris.

… spend hours and hours being stuck in a traffic, the noise, chaos, pollution, accidents, etc.



Autumn in the country is a very unique treat, unlike the city where fallen branches, trash bags of leaves pile up and nature is pretty much ignored or treated like a chore.

Autumn in a country atmosphere means enjoying the fruits of the hard work of summer in the garden or fields. Halloween pumpkins abound. 

Beautiful colors adorn the trees and if fallen, they just add warmth to the cooling landscape. They provide piled up jumping fun for children and mulch to cover sleeping gardens and greenery. 

The cooling mist of fog on country streams remind the inhabitants to dig deep under cover for the coming season of winter. Icy droplets nurture the land resting till spring comes once again.



Country Living

I have lived in the country all my life and would never have changed that life for the city, so much easier bringing up a family, it’s a healthy life caring for animals even if it is three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Now retired and living in a town, I no longer want the country life, my body is tired from years of hard heavy farm work.

Why I prefer town life now?

I’m older and both my husband and I have cancer, it is easier to get health care when needed than living in the country and no isolation, you have company often, it is a feeling of satisfaction knowing you have instant help if needed.

10/27/2017  Sorry about this —  I missed seeing one!  The last sentence sums up quite well why I love being in the country, too. 



Having lived in towns rather than cities and out in the country as well as on a boat, my choice is relatively easy.

I loved the simplicity of boat living. We were free to drift up river or travel on the canals, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the water and the mutual respect of fellow boaters. It meant a quiet, restful way of living, no need to rush, calm and slow.

Night skies in the country are sheets of black velvet bedecked with diamonds dancing around a silver moon, unspoilt by the harsh urban light from street lamps, traffic, houses and popular venues.
I hate the noise and pace of the town. Guess it’s a sign of getting old.


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