Senseless Saturday…Sunday. Oh, to HELL with it! Everyday Sarcasm : Shopping with hubby

If I hear,

“Do you really need that?”

one more time,

I’m going to scream!!!!

What did I buy today that made my husband ask such a question? Butter, self-rising flour,  cat litter, and most importantly:  cat food.  You see, I have these 2 coon cats that weigh about 20 pounds,

and I value my life.


You’d think I was THIS kind of shopper

I’m not even THIS kind of shopper

I’m a mixture between these 2

And I’m that way for a reason

Every d@m$%d time I go to the store with my husband, he acts like I’m doing this to him

When it comes to shopping, I sometimes wonder about people

Let’s explore the concept of, “Do you really need that?”

There are only 3 things people “really” need.  

For those who won’t understand the concept without a visual, I’ll explain it this way:

  1.  Shelter, which you can purchase from IKEA or at any abandoned refugee camp

2. Clothing, which is just as good if it’s worn twice, donated, and you get it for $3 instead of $50.   Look! Twenty people may have tried on one piece of clothing in the store before you bought it.  Still don’t get it? The same sweat and bodily fluids are clinging to a swimsuit tried on 20 times, but a decent thrift store won’t sell clothing until it’s washed first.

3.  Healthy food (which does not include hot dogs, cheese curls and French fries).

I prefer to brave the internet jungle for many of my necessities (such as teabags)

As a reminder of why I do almost all of my shopping on-line

That, and I’d rather go shopping at 8:00 on a Saturday morning than have to fight through this:

Yes, to me that’s a crowd

Yes, I shop Dollar General on Saturday’s whenever I have this coupon:

To all you guys out there who think I must have been trying to buy premium brands that cost 6 times as much; with that coupon, my $1.85  bag of self-rising flour is free, and so is half of my store-brand multi-cat, clumping cat litter.  

So…sue me for not wanting to scrape cat C#@p off the bottom of the litter box, but I ain’t doin’ it!

Every week I swear I’m going to call my SIL and ask her to go shopping with me instead.  She doesn’t write all the prices on a piece of paper. She doesn’t go ballistic when the total is 30 cents over $25.  

Hey, sis!  I have 3 coupons for next week — $2 off $10 if you buy the dollar general store brands.

You game?