Why you should never try to clean out your email inbox when you have a migraine.

I often delay doing any important work when I’m not feeling well.  When people ask why, I say, “I don’t want to do twice the work to correct the mistakes.”
Here’s an example
I cleaned out my email inbox the day my migraine began.  How proud I was to get rid of 500 email notifications I didn’t need.
Instead of  Trash, they ended up in the spam folder. Little did I know this was just the herald shouting out,
“Don’t go to work, you’re going to make too many mistakes.”
How can anyone mistake the “Delete” button for “Spam?
It’s easy when you’re cross-eyed.
October 1st, I deleted notifications from WordPress that I thought went into Trash. The spam button is next to the delete button and I must have moved the cursor 1/8 of an inch over.  It was that easy to push the wrong button.  
Every WordPress notification went into the Spam folder for the next 11 days.
I spent the morning fishing 400 email out of a virtual Bermuda triangle.  To do this, I had to push the “NOT SPAM” button.  This sent all 400 back to the inbox.
By my calculations, I’m doing twice the work to correct the mistake.
…and I don’t have the energy to do another search and delete.
“What about work?”  You might ask.  The line to my door began 2 days later.  I don’t expect it to end for another 11 days.