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Welcome to October 5  Today’s prompt is:  Which do you prefer, city living or country living…and why?

So that you don’t feel so alone in your embarrassment, here’s the story of why I prefer country living:

I lived in South Florida when there was still space between the cities.  At 5, the street in front of our home became an 8-lane major thoroughfare when no expressways divided the state.  The sounds of traffic never ceased.

Mom had 2 rules about playing with kids in the neighborhood:  Don’t go past our block, and come home when you’re called.  The door was rarely locked.

By high school, fences began to sprout around neighborhood yards, we couldn’t stay out past dusk and the doors were kept locked.

In the country, I open my window and see trees.  We hear whispers of traffic from the 2-lane road a quarter-mile away. I never want to live in a city again.

Here are the rules:

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