Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Migraine

If you’re wondering why this post is very, very late, I’ve spent the day traveling.  

Airport at 9am, breakfast with my son at the airport, getting to the gate at 10:30am for an 11:25am flight that changed the departure time to 11:08am for no apparent reason, and getting on the plane less than 10 minutes later.

There, I sat…and sat…and sat…for at least an hour.  Then the plane taxied and stopped and sat…and sat…until the engines began to scream.

“We have to burn off some fuel,” the pilot said.

Unfortunately, with a migraine becoming more insistent with every passing moment, he could’ve said, “I’m starting flight school.”

Did I mention I was next to the engines?

Another 1/2 hour and we were in the air — in time to arrive on time had we left at 11:25am.

Hubby was there to meet me and said that according to the information available, the plane was still in flight.

The plane may have landed, but I’m sure my brain was still hovering at around 21,000 feet.

Migraines are strange creatures.  They start out as a stab in one eye followed by light sensitivity (in my case, the right) and proceed to make one side of the head feel as if it’s in a pressure cooker.  Since I’m already light-sensitive, everything within my range of vision glows at me like an interrogation light.

By the time I arrived home in the afternoon, it was time for that $25 pill that I only take when I’m desperate.  Once my head was numb, I slept for several hours.

I’d call this a wasted day, but then every time I have to endure an airport, I feel wasted.

That about covers it.

Hubby likes to suggest this remedy

I have to remind him that it will get rid of the pain but I’ll start to stink after a few days.

This is my first line of defense

(It should be called “game of throwing up memes”)

Excedrin Migraine got me home the same way a car can still roll on a flat tire and get you to a gas station so that you can get some REAL service.

I will leave you with this…something everyone with a migraine has asked?

And hope that next week my sarcasm will not be tainted by the ice pick that is starting to lightly tap the edge of my eye socket.  It makes me wish I hadn’t been such a cheap B!tc# and had, instead, bought 2 wonder pills instead of just one.

Here’s a good one for those who can still think:

At this moment?  Steve Martin’s “All of Me”