September writers of the #TMAT

Tell me a Tale in 120 Words

1 for winter

1 for spring

1 for summer

4 for Autumn

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The September 7th  prompt was:  Your favorite season of the year and why.  

Spring, summer, winter, fall,

someone out there loves them all.

Here are links to the 7 brave souls who stepped up and answered the challenge:


Spring is always my favourite season. It is the end of winter with cool nights and warm and sunny days.

Spring is when you pay attention to your garden and plant the summer crops, and for me this year it will be tomatoes.

Many trees awaken from their winter hiatus and blossom, always a pretty sight, and we see new growth appearing on most plants. My black rose is one that benefits from spring, and I always enjoy seeing the first of its buds appear.

So, I put away my winter clothes and embrace the wearing of shorts and short sleeves for as every warm-blooded male knows spring is the time when young men’s hearts turn to thoughts of love.



in the summer time we usually cycle
to the beer garden and sit by the lake
having some ice-cream, chatting, never a lull
watch the world pass by if that’s what it takes
garden full of flowers, mostly brambles
take it easy, we all deserve a break
birds build nests, bees buzzing
hedgehogs do the round, children laughing
fun swimming in the lake, time to be with friends
having picnics, singing, dancing and lots more
the joy of summer, don’t want it to end
walk up the mountain, stroll in the moor
visit family and all the love we send
discover places and see what’s in store
sweet honeysuckle, lavender and roses
all these activities give us a real buzz



I love Autumn.

The colours brown, gold and russet are earthy and true, even vibrant.
Autumn reflects the glory and aftermath of hot Summer Days, the time when Nature sheds her scorched landscape laying bare her soul to the cool of Winter.

Nothing dies, or is wasted as the fallen leaves replenish the soil or provide bedding for those creatures who chose to hibernate in the nooks and hollows.

Nature sleeps during the cold months, nurturing new growth in the warmth of her being.

Wild berries are consumed by birds and wildlife, to be dispersed elsewhere for Nature’s continuance. How else could unplanted snowdrops appear from nowhere in our gardens when Spring comes calling for the cycle to begin again.



Fall ~ The Season Of Thanks

Fall, why fall?

Because the air has a crispness that fills your lungs with a coolness that soothes and refreshes.

The summer slips away slowly, and autumn radiantly glows brighter every day dipping everything in hues of red, yellow, and gold.

The ground crackles happily as you walk through carpets of fallen leaves.

Frost starts to tickle everything in delicate lace appliques.

Fluffy warm blankets, socks, and favourite cosies are pulled out of hiding and freshened up for another season of snuggling.

Fireplaces are dusted off and stocked up ready to warm hearts as much as warm toes.

Does anyone smell turkey cooking in the oven, maybe a pie too? And who wants a hot chocolate?

The season of thanks.


 Winter is my favourite season.

There is that wee bit chill in the air, especially in the early mornings, you feel the slight moistness in the air; the soil, if you care to touch leaves you with a tangy wetty feeling.

And soon enough the sky above changes hues, quickly going from bright red to mauve, to mahagony and a hybrid orangish, magenta, pink mix.

Leisurely mornings are best savoured lying tucked in bed under the comfort of heavy silk blankets while biting into hot samosas and pakoras dipped in green chutneys, sipping hot Darjeeling tea in crystal glasses while locking horns with crosswords and sudokus.

This is one season that I never whine about but instead always pine for.



Tell Me A Tale – September – #TMAT120 

My favorite season is Autumn

It is the season of plenty, summer is over but the warm days are still with us and the nights are cooler, easier to sleep.

When taking a walk through the pine trees, many magic mushrooms are growing, and the feeling of fairies are in the air.

Rabbits are scampering under the bushes, in the distance, you can hear the wild goats calling out for their mates.

It is the season of peace, the harvest cropping is over, the smell of new seasons hay is in the air as I walk past the hay shed.

March and April Easter time in New Zealand, time to enjoy the end of a hard working year on the farm.



Tell me a tale — Autumn

My favorite time of year is Autumn. The smell in the air of crisp Macintosh apples, drying leaves, and a hint of a cool breeze all make me feel complete. I think there’s also a bit of nostalgia considering I loved to return to school in this season. My favorite holidays were right around the corner, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the most favorite of all, Christmas.  

Carving pumpkins, collecting multihued leaves or creating wreaths from dried grapevines, all held a prominent place. Crunching through the leaves on a walk through the woods, or watching the red winged blackbirds resting on swampy cattails, represent the many pleasant times of autumn.




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