Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Hurricane Ticking Digression

Like a kid that stomps an ant hill just for the fun of it, Hurricane Irma left her footprint upon Florida. There’s a new tropical storm out in the Atlantic:  Maria. The spaghetti models are quite specific about her destination

Looking at that image is a lot like trying to figure out what a cat wants. Ignore the white line, it’s rarely right…or left…or center…no left…wait, it looks like it’s going south, no north, no…

Did I mention the barometric pressure dropped to 29-something in South Florida yesterday?

We were more than fortunate.  I think the term I’d like to use here is “insanely lucky.”  I have friends who came home to downed trees where their living rooms should be. Boarded up windows don’t seem to prevent that problem.

Here’s a picture of Other Brother Coon Cat examining the mini-devastation around our home:

He took a whizz on that branch minutes later, but I doubt you’re interested in seeing a picture of it.


The puppies needed a bit of reassurance.  But they weren’t the only ones out and about looking for something.

You are about to enter the digression zone

I’ll tell you a secret if you don’t tell anyone else:  Shortly after this picture was taken, I was warring with opportunistic little blood suckers who like dark, moist places.  I’d rather go through a tropical storm than pull ticks off a very sensitive area of the body.

I won’t bore you with the story of how once, years ago, I had to pull a tick off a hemorrhoid.  It wasn’t pretty.  If Gitmo wants ideas for enhanced interrogation…  

But, alas, there are worse places to find ticks

Every person in Florida has had a tick visit a blood vessel, and we all know the truth

You pull the D@mned things off and go about your business.

I can hear it now, the Lyme disease hysteria.  You’d have to live in a city, have no pets and never leave your house not to be exposed to it.  Oh, wait…  

Thank you, Lyme disease gurus, for letting us know there’s no place to hide.

Still, there are people who tend to overreact

And some who are just over the top

When you go outside after a hurricane, don’t just spray your dogs to prevent ticks.  Believe me, the smell is better than the indignity.

In closing, here is a senseless, but funny, tick meme I just had to throw in for no apparent reason: