Caturday box brigade


Coon Cat usually likes to lay around in the kitchen.  This morning, he wanted to be petted and have a few treats — or so I thought.

It’s not like him to continue nuzzling my hand when I’m using the mouse.  I tried to cuddle with him, he jumped off my lap.

Normally, he’s not this insistent.  In fact, this is his usual state.


There was plenty of space for 3 more dogs on the dog/cat beds and no one was using the 4 inch thick cat bed next to his food (pictured above to the left).  He didn’t want the indignity of being petted, and he wasn’t going to stop bopping my hand around until I did something about his problem.  

I left the scene of this mystery to make a nice cup of hit Earl Grey tea with honey — my go-to think juice.  

And there was the answer staring at me

If mom wasn’t going to get the trespasser out of his box, he’d find a way!

There’s nothing like 40 pounds of cat trying to share the same box.  The next time they’re out hunting lizards/birds/rodents, I’ll take the opportunity to reinforce the D@#%ed thing with Gorilla tape.