Tanka for the WordPress Woes

How I see the world — at dusk

Well, I was thinking about hosting a weekly Tanka challenge, but my day job (which I LOVE by the way) has doubled since beginning the monthly #TMAT120 challenge and…

WordPress STILL hasn’t fixed the problem that is killing my eyes. 

White light attacking

eyes wanting a darker space

ignores cries for help.

Not everyone owns IPhones

or lives in a perfect world.

WordPress sent me an email — asking me to rate the services of the person who had “solved” the problem.  Apparently, I was supposed to have received an email from him or her.  Since answering their survey with a not-so-nice review of the non-services I didn’t receive, I’ve heard nothing.

However, WordPress was able to deduct their fee for another year from my account with no problem at all.

When I write my books, the background on my word processor is GREY. My email server has a black background with white letters.  Why?  

Light sensitivity, etc., and the migraines that result if I stare at a white screen.

I KNOW it’s possible to help those of us who need a darker background.  Yes, I’d received a solution to my problem in the past, when WordPress created the Iphone-friendly version.  Someone with a heart didn’t want people with low vision (and people like me) left out in the cold.  

I’m still using the old version of WordPress,

compliments of Kristen at WordPress

who gave me the link on 4/21/2015. 

What’s the problem?  (You might ask).  A month or so ago, the sides began to “fall away” when I started to type a post and I’m left with looking at 25 inches of white screen.

After the dark background on the left, and the words on the right started disappearing when I began to type a post, it became an ordeal to do it.   That one strip of left-side darkness, and words on the right, had been enough to let me type without rushing to the fridge for an expensive pill.

When it works right, WordPress is the best! But when it doesn’t….

Please, WordPress, a little help here!