Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Science

I love science, especially when it’s not out to get me.

Before you go away thinking I wear tin-foil hats…first of all, they don’t work; second, I am rather fond of my computer; third, the atom bomb was invented by scientists, and there are more than a few designer bio-weapons that can kill us.


Their jokes can kill us, too…

…spiralling into the black hole of comedic failures…

…and sometimes their humor dies a quite literal death.

If that doesn’t convince you, what about this?

No? Β You don’t think that’s literal enough?

Personally, I think my problem can be summed up in the form of cat logic

And, quite possibly, I resemble this remark:

When I was growing up, mom never told me this:

But she did tell me to eat my spinach.

If I were a scientist, this would probably be my fate:

Looking for science memes I came upon a cat fact I’d not heard before.

There were more memes, but I couldn’t understand most of them.

Have fun this Sunday, and if you’re immersing yourself with 3 of your BFF’s in the H2O, remember: Β Water friends 4?