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Welcome to August 3   Today’s prompt is:  A little about your beliefs, faith, lack thereof, or why you don’t want to talk about it (please, no attacks on other’s beliefs).

So that you don’t feel so alone in your embarrassment, here’s a little about my belief/faith:

I love the feeling of Christmas. My mother painted manger scenes on our front picture window that attracted sightseers, and every year we’d drive to places where lights decorated the homes of those who could afford them.

Mom dragged us to a church rife with the same hypocrisy I see in any organized religion; be it the religion of atheism, worships held in buildings, or the arrogance of science.

I never fit into any place of worship, becoming an atheist at the age of 20.  In 1991, I almost converted to Judaism in the small synagogue where my son had his Bar Mitzvah. 

At 45, I floated in the God-consciousness. At that moment I knew the meaning of home. 

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