Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Sick humor

I asked my cat if I was sick.  He walked away.  If it was anything major, he’d be in my lap.

Or it could be that I just fed him and he doesn’t need me anymore. 

Not sure what it is.  Possibly the “creeping crud” or the “yucky suck.” Right now it’s in the “guess what I am” phase.

You know what I mean…

There are clues that somethin’ ain’t right.  The saliva that’s supposed to be in my mouth is in hiding.

I can’t understand why I’d get sick.  I take preventative measures

Now…bear in mind that it might be the reaction to getting an average of 4 hours sleep each night for a week, but it could be that I picked up one of many gross ghosts of sicknesses passed that someone in my life has met with in the past few weeks.

Yes, I ignored the excess sneezing. Allergies, I said.

Yes, I ignored the fuzzy head, and weak-all-over feeling

And yes, I still think it might be possible that I’m allergic to insomnia.

But if I do get sick, this will be my first thought

Being sick brings out the worst in me most people.  Some want to be pampered.  I Others want to be left alone with a bottle of…

Not that I’m feeling sociable, but I have another 5 days straight of work next week.

That kind of thinking by co-workers is probably why we get each other sick in the first place. 

There’s a good reason I don’t like to be seen in public when I’m sick

If I am truly sick and not just plagued with something simple like allergies or exhaustion,  I’m still not ready to do anything more than sleep…and listen to puns.  

Unless I’m in a coma, I’m always up for a good pun.  

I can hear you out there, groaning in the blog-o-sphere!  No, I’m not THAT kind of sick!

I’m told by a reliable source that no one wants to be sick

Now for the hard part…do I take the red pill, the blue pill, the green pill…

Naw…just hand me the Nyquil and check on me in about 3 days.