Saturday silliness: Random thoughts of the math challenged fur baby slave

Some days I’m so lost in my own thoughts…Is my mind is a miniature bermuda triangle?

I wanted to be a rocket scientist when I was a kid, but I have insomnia.  Why is that important? I tried counting sheep….that doesn’t work. I’m terrible with math and have to start counting over again.

I managed to scrape through Algebra II and Statistics.  And, yes, I used to wonder how I passed with a C-.  I have a theory about that.  It’s similar to that scene in  from “Peggy Sue Got Married.”  A professor is well aware that someone destined to be in social services is never going to need algebra or statistics again.    

Once, I came home to shredded curtains.  My cat jumped on my lap and purred.  As if under a spell, all I could do was pet him.  

Are cats the Venus fly trap of the mammal world?  

My mind denies I am a slave to my 4-footed companions. It’s funny the things you do when you have cats and dogs. The TP is wedged on a small shelf that’s inconvenient for the cats to ravage, we have no furniture to chew that isn’t metal or already compromised, and they own everything from the kitchen counter down.  

But if I ever catch the dog that insists on using our living room bench as a fire hydrant…

I have a stellar nose for scent,  and the scent of that pee is Rottie Mutt.  

Unfortunately, if he were human, it would take him a year to learn how to open a can with an electric can opener.

Unless I catch him in the act, he won’t know why I’m rubbing his nose in it and scolding him.

Oh, to HELL with all the excuses!!!!

Tell me the truth:  Could you stare into those little baby chocolate-brown eyes and not melt into oblivion?