Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Toilet humor

Woke up this morning to a bathroom drowning in water.  It was pouring toward my bedroom, turtle speed, forcing me to  use every towel I owned to stem the tide.

It could have been worse.  Instead of mostly clear water, my feet might be covered in slimy, odorous overflow.

After the 15th towel, I was beginning to feel like this:

We have it good here in the US.  Really.  We could be living someplace else — like Flint, Michigan.

Don’t know what caused the problem, but as usual hubby solved it.

At this moment  I have no desire to ask him how he did it.  After seeing so many pictures of poopy overflowed toilets while looking for 3 meme’s that weren’t going to make people lose their lunch,  I’m not ready for that particular mental movie.