Senseless Sunday #Sarcasm : Mommy Dog

Rottie Mutt:  Why are you being so nice to me?

Fat White Dog: Because I’m the Mommy Dog.

Errrr Dog:   No one loves me.  Grrrrr.

FWD:  It’s not like you try to be loved. If a piranha mated with a porcupine, you’d be the offspring.

Errrr Dog:  One day I will bite you for your insolence.

FWD:  You’d have to grow a few teeth back and be able to reach my neck first.

RM:  Both of you guard mom’s door and growl at me.  When I come in at dawn to wake mom up, you growl at me.  Then, when I’m trying to sleep, the only female in our pack starts licking my face.

FWD:  Do you like being licked?

RM:  I love it!  Why do you growl at me when I try to lick mom?

FWD:  I don’t lick mom in the face because…

RM:   ….you’re the Mommy Dog?

FWD:  No. Because Mom doesn’t like being licked.  You’re too dense to understand that a push on your snout, and the word “no” are her way of saying, “don’t do that,” so I growl at you when you try.

Errrr Dog:  Mom loves her best.

RM (happily sprawled out to enjoy FWD’s attention):  And with good reason.