Writers of the June #TMAT120

Tell me a Tale in 120 Words


The prompt for June was:  How you met your best friend

I’m sharing responses from 3 great people:


True friends are already hard to come by, but one’s best friend? That’s a different ball game.

I have known my best friend for 28 years. Our backgrounds are totally different, yet we hit it off straightaway and have never looked back.

My first words were actually an insult about his car, but he grinned, took it in his stride and has never held it against me (well, not much).

How did we meet?

Through the local paper. One of those Ad thingies, though he was asking for companionship not a relationship. Oh boy. He got me!

We supported each other through financial problems, though not lending each other money, disastrous relationship issues, and job loss.

Who is he?

My husband.



I met my best mate in 1966 when I went to high school. Bernie is a loud and lovable fellow and somehow, we have stayed mates ever since.

We haven’t always seen eye to eye but we have relied on each other over the years. At times, as have been apart and in some cases, several years passed before we re-connected.

We try each month to have dinner together, his kids have always referred to me as their Uncle.

One of the best things I remember about him is that when my mother died, even though we lived far apart in those days he and his wife were there at her funeral and I have always been grateful for that.



I was six, she was five, “you’re it!”
Played all day, messed around
Been best friends we have to admit
Both happy to have found
When we’re not on the same country
Separated by sea
We are so thrill
Best friends still
When we meet we are full of glee
Have other friends throughout my life
They came and then we part
We get on but sometimes strife
We are friends in our heart
We don’t have to see each other
We are there for one another
Support each one
And have some fun
Lots of adventure and banter
My friends who pass the test of time
Friends who are here in my lifetime
We love dancing


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