Thursday photo prompt – Twilight – #writephoto

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Thursday photo prompt – Twilight – #writephoto


For most people, twilight is a frightening time.  For me, the picture above is peaceful and soothing.

Until my eye surgeries 17 years ago, I could drive better at midnight while wearing dark glasses than most people can drive during the day.  With the moonlight shining behind me, I didn’t need headlights.

How do I explain light sensitivity?  It’s like being dilated for an eye exam every minute of your life.  Try walking around in the bright sun after leaving the optometrists office without using those throw-away sunglasses you’re given.  Only then can you begin to understand in how many ways light can cause pain.

Fluorescent light shimmers into migraines, sunlight stabs the eyes, I have more names for headaches than a Canadian has for snow, and my home is a cave to most people.

God forbid I have to read anything off of yellow paper.  Computers helped make the job interview easier, but there are still things I have to disclose.  Try telling your prospective employer, “I’ll have to use green paper to write on, and all the fluorescent lights near my area have to be removed.”

I guarantee, it doesn’t go over well.  

There is always someone with the same skills who doesn’t find that half-opened blinds provide more than enough light while everyone else is squinting to see.  I can tell you so many stories!

Most people go shopping when it’s dark and no one thinks it’s funny.  “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades,” and “I wear my sunglasses at night,” became songs as hated as “It’s a small, small world.”  My heart goes out to people with names like Justin Thyme or Page Turner who have heard the same stale jokes for decades.  

I wish that the world had to live in an environment that was comfortable for me…for just one day. I could wear clear glasses instead of these:

And life wouldn’t be such a constant headache.