Cats, cold & creepy

Other Brother Coon Cat, aka, “Sandy Paws,” is exploring.  He’s leaving muddy little footprints all over my desk…and my nightgown.  Coon cats are strange that way — they can sit out in the rain, staring at you as if to say, “why are you calling me?”

It’s about 1000 humidities. There’s so much water in the air that the papers next to my desk are wet from it.  

I wouldn’t mind the wet if it were warm, but it’s presently… brrrrr… 71F.

Forecast for the next 10 days:  Rain

Temps for the next 10 days:  Will not exceed 88F

This is an unusually cold spring for my area of the world.


AhA!  I feel a ridiculous limerick trying to jump out of my mind!

There once was a kitty named Creepy

who ravaged a few rolls of TP

he jumped in the mud

then rolled in some crud

and clawed on his human when sleepy.