Senseless Sunday #Sarcasm: Contemplation

  1.  If my human falls in a forest, but another one is here to open my food, should I care?
  2. If I had a can of cat food for every time my human failed to please me, I’d be the size of an elephant.  Why have cats allowed such vile creatures to live this long?
  3. Humans do not understand what is important. Is it not the right of every cat to kick away that which is unnecessary for our comfort?  If a 100 year old porcelain doll was so important, why was it imprisoned in a plastic bag on the highest shelf?
  4. Cat collars, leashes and cages are evil. Without humans, these would not exist.  Why don’t humans have to endure them?  They need the more than we do.
  5. If there were no humans, whose lap could I sharpen my claws on?