Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Cat Vengeance

Dear diary,

My human does not understand.  I do not care that I have a perpetual food bowl, or that it has no corn, wheat or soy.  It is not the food I desire.   I am forced to hold her mouse as ransom.

She laughed, flashed a light at me…

And still she has not opened a can.

Since this did not work, I held her purse, her favorite hat,  her prized “no outfit is complete without dog hairs” bag, and her yoga mat as ransom.

She laughed, lifted me off her belongings, took me to my food bowl, and then….

The humiliation of it all!

She closed the door to her room so that I cannot enter.

Dear Diary.  

It has been a week.  I am about to enact my vengeance upon her by peeing on her foot.

She will know why.