The 3am haikups of life

I’ve heard it said that even a troll looks beautiful to a drunk in a bar after 3 am.  

I wouldn’t know.  I’m a writer who can’t drink. To me, nothing looks beautiful at that time of night.

Gotta hand it to that lizard…


At 3 am,

I’m staring into the abyss of a dark room, where

1 of 4 possible scenario’s are happening.


Fright grips my stomach.

I ask into the darkness

what did I forget?


Mulling over words;

what did I say yesterday

that gets me fired?


That song I hate plays

in a never-ending loop;

it’s a small, small world


A lizard rustles

in the woods a mile away

that dogs must bark at.


Some days, I just wish the HAIKUps of life would stop haunting my brain!