Insomnia rains

Insomnia rains

throwing lightning in the brain

shattering my sleep.


Up again.  There’s a light rain pattering outside, and lightning is striking about 50 miles away.

All the doggies are looking for a place to hide from it.

And that place is ME.

Like I’m going to protect them from the big bad storm?  It’s not as if I can grab a bolt of lightning and make it stop in its tracks.  I can’t even stop a 2-foot wide runaway nerf ball.

Other Brother Coon Cat (OBCC) is comfy lying on my laptop.  Good thing I don’t use it that often.

Rottie Mutt is hiding.  Well — at least his HEAD is hiding.  Look at those eyes, don’t they just scream out “SAVE ME!!!!”

Insomnia has no respect for people who work.  I have a full day tomorrow and might get 6 hours sleep.  OBCC snoozes away 17 hours a day.

If only I could go to sleep this quickly.