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A first love



May 4  Today’s prompt was:  Your earliest memory


It is all snippets of memory. My young brother aged about three going missing and finding him hours later in bed asleep after mum had everyone in the street looking for him. Being in the car with my parents and hearing mum say the doctor said she should be in the hospital. The next morning she wasn’t in her bed, and I had a sister.

My dad’s family lived in Sydney, we lived in the country, and we’d visit at Christmas, meet various cousins and share a bed with them. Three across the top and two along the bottom.

Those were scary but exciting times sharing a bed that way. I find it sad that we have all grown apart.


“You can’t leave me here…” the four-year-old started crying. She’d come riding on her father’s bike and had been all smiles until she realized that it was time to leave him.

Everybody laughed at her except one teacher. She took her hands and caressed her head; telling her fairy-tales, she took her to the classroom.

Seeing the girl in a distance, a little boy ran to her; grabbing her schoolbag, he ran back to his bench and placed it beside him so she would go sit with him.

This was a daily scene in my school. Yes, the four-year-old girl was me. However, Neither I remember the teacher’s name nor that little boy’s name.

This is my earliest memory.  Chirasree


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