Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Too Lazy to step in 2 tutu’s.

On Mother’s Day I’m thankful I didn’t have twins.

These are the nightmares mothers of twins face every day.

Enduring their dating years

Fielding stupid questions

…and if THAT doesn’t work

Maybe more women would rush out and have babies if they knew about this:

Fraternally explaining

Two terrible 2’s

Necessity is the mother of invention

And, finally…

…how to create a twin with an anxiety problem:

Happy Mother’s day to everyone, whether the mother of triplets, twins or singles…


  • you’re awake,
  • not comatose, and
  • haven’t hit your husband over the head with the blender he just gave you, when you’d asked for 3 hours at the spa while he watched the kidlets.