99 word #prompt #flashfiction : Traded

May 11, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about trading. It can be the profession of old or of modern day traders on Wall Street. It can be trading places or lunches at school. What is traded? Is it a fair deal or a dupe? Trade away and go where the prompt leads you.




“I traded one problem in for another,” I muttered at my new 1976 Plymouth Volaré, a car destined to become the Edsel of its time.

“Problem?” the dealership mechanic asked. 

“If the speedometer works, the hot/cold indicator doesn’t.  Now I’m hearing a rattle in back.”

After 4 years, the electrical problem continued to plague us, but we found the rattle when my dad and husband took out the back seat…an empty tape roll on which a bored factory worker had scribbled, “Haha, find this.”

“I should’ve kept the Plymouth Fury III,” I sighed

Dad replied, “I told you so.”