#SoCS May 6/17 : Interrogative

Link to your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “inter-” Use the prefix “inter-” any way you’d like. Enjoy!



I‘d like to say that I question everything.  Do I?  No. Truth is, no one on Earth questions enough.

We’re indoctrinated with a particular religion — or non religion.  We fall into the trap of paradigm shifts that first vilify, the create a maelstrom of entrenched thought doing everything in its power to divert the tide of change instead of looking at vast amounts of evidence and saying, “hmmm…this might be right.”

Our inability to question “conventional wisdom” has ruined careers, destroyed lives, and at the end of this tragedy people won’t honor the sacrifice of brave men and women who say the conventional wisdom isn’t right.  No! What do they do?  They say, “Oh…I knew that.”

Where would we be without the Edward Snowden’s or Richard C. Hoagland’s of the world?  You probably know the first name, but who knows that the second said there was water on the moon and Mars over 2 decades ago?

No, we take at face value that fingernails continue growing after death, yet accept for years that dinosaurs were slow, stupid, plodding creatures.

Start questioning everything from the basic tenants of your religion, or non-religion, to the “God’s honest truth” told by your best friend who swears that drinking exotic fruit juices makes you look 5 years younger.