Here is a creative entrepreneur you may not know about. If you have young children these e-comics are a bit different from mainstream.

Vegan Books For Children

Megan & Flos: Out of this world is the second of our single episode comics to be released.  In this story Megan & Flos have to go toe to toe with volpars who are trying to invade planet Felix Locus.  Will they succeed?  Will they be able to save the Felixians from a terrifying fate?  You’ll have to read the comic to find out 😮 or you could read the whole story on the e-comics site 😉  Either way, I think you’ll enjoy it.

One thing you won’t be able to get by reading it online is the game on the back! Yes, that’s right – the comic has a mini game board on the back and there’s instructions inside explaining how to play.

The Megan & Flos board game: Megan & Flos versus the journalist 😀 A relaxing bit of fun before bedtime 🙂

Unlike our other single episode…

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