Where is Vickie?

I’ve been asked by bloggers, “If you’re 2 on a Rant, why aren’t both of you posting?”

My partner in blogging, Vickie Kayuk has been in school learning to be a sonographer for the past 2 years.

In case you’re wondering what that means, she’s doing this most of the day:

On all different parts of the body.

If you look at the top of this blog, you’ll see 2 women.  I’m the one in pink.  Vickie is the cute one with better hair.

Here are 2 pictures we asked someone to take for us today just before we went off to lunch together:

We usually like to sit at a corner table at Golden Corrall and talk for 5 hours.  There wasn’t time today so we went to a country restaurant 3 miles away. The company was stellar. Lunch was okay.  Vickie gave me her usual spiel about how liver accumulates all the toxins in the body.  I ate my slab of beef liver anyway, since I only enjoy this delicacy twice a year. 

After lunch, we went for a walk at a local park.  Here is a picture of Vickie posing among the graffiti inside their small amphitheater:

She couldn’t believe it when I said I could stand on my head, so we went into the woods for a Zen moment:

It looks better when I’m wearing my yoga pants.

Standing on one’s head is nothing compared to what Vickie can do. I stole this from Vickie’s Facebook pictures.   If she sends me a better one, I’ll post it.

She used to do this:

No automatic alt text available.

I don’t know when I’ll see her again.  She has her board exams in July and August, then she’ll start looking for a job rubbing gel on people and getting ultrasound pictures.

We talked a little, walked a little, but it wasn’t enough time!  

Then, we had to say goodbye. 

Vickie, you’ve only been gone 3 hours but I miss you already!