#SoCS : Wind your brine can’t smell

The blog where this prompt originated is Linda Hill‘s and the word for the day is “spell.”

I’ve been asked before, “What is it like to have dyslexia?”  

My answer?  “For everyone with  this other-ability, it’s different.”

It’s the reason our minds see the  richness of life through color, not words or texts.  It’s the reason  we’re the ones who say the Emperor has no Clothes while the rest of the world is afraid to speak.  We’re the ones who find a way around a problem no one thought of — simply because we can’t understand the method, or can’t use the method, everyone else does.

Some people with Dylsexia can’t read.  Others have problems with visual perception…

…or processing what people are saying.  

Many times, I have to translate before answering what people say.  For example,  “Do you cut your oat” might have originated as “Do you want your coat,” or figure out that “I’m gutting a sport” really means “I’m going to the store.”  Sometimes the way my mind translated the words makes me laugh, and laughter usually isn’t met with a smile.  “I skate and croaking in the bathroom” may make me laugh, but not the person who has just said, “I’m sick and going to the doctor.”

That’s my stream of consciousness for today.  That’s what happens wind your brine can’t smell the smitten bird (uh…your brain can’t spell the spoken word).

Ill fake my grieve (translation, “I’ll take my leave.)”