Weird things about #blogging that you learn along the way

I’ve been a  blogger for a mere 3 1/2 years.  

For the newbies of blogging, what I am about to reveal is “Rule of Thumb.” 

For the rest of us, this should bring a smile, a chuckle, or a laugh.

It ain’t Shakespeare.

  • If you’ve received 20 likes on a post over 1000 words and have no replies, no one read it. (When my kids won’t read it, I know it’s bad)
  • “I found this interesting” is another way of saying “I usually like your stuff, but this post was cr@p.” (Yes, I expect some joker to put that into the reply section of this post)
  • The more time you spend striving to perfect a post, the less likely it is that someone will read it.  (you writers out there — you know EXACTLY what I mean by that)
  • People don’t want a detailed description about your bunions — unless it’s funny.  (It’s the difference between visiting a hospital and listening to a comedian talk about hospitals — and no, I don’t always follow my own advice).
  • Someone else’s reply section is not the place to advertise your blog. (unless you’re responding to a prompt that asks you to put your link in the reply section, or you’re invited to do so  — and yes, I made that mistake early on, too).
  • People will follow and unfollow continually. (Great readers who love most of what you write are well worth waiting for)

All right, I’m done irritating people.  Time for me to get back to my day job.