Friday Drivers….really?

As I was being driven home from work in a car with 6 dogs, I contemplated the woman sitting at the green light who acted like she had nowhere to go.

Finally, she moved!  And hesitated, wondering if she should go straight or make a left turn.  No, there weren’t any cars coming from the other direction.

Then there was the guy coming up fast behind us in the left lane who cut us off so he could put on the brakes and make a right at the next turn.  Is someone going to die in those 10 seconds it would take to slow down, get in the right lane, and turn?

Some days, I swear I could drive better than most people on the road — wearing my reading glasses and  with a patch over one eye.

DRIVERS!!!!  A 7-letter curse word!

FRIDAY drivers!!!!  A synonym for brain dead

MONDAY drivers!!!!  Another word for Zombie.

What you’re about to read makes no sense, but it should make you laugh.

How young people see old drivers

How old people see young drivers

how rednecks look at driving in  general

How everyone thinks I drive

What I’m thinking when people ask, “Really? You drive?” 

Really, I drive more like this:


…on roads that look more like this:

So take that and stick it in your…