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Welcome to April 6

Today’s prompt is:  A vignette from your childhood

So that you don’t feel so alone in your embarrassment, here’s a vignette from my childhood:

My sister is three years older.  Her childhood friendships have lasted a lifetime.  In school, children practiced avoidance skills on me. 

My one friend often refused to speak with me for weeks at a time.  Only desperate people tolerate temperamental friends.

What I loathed the most during childhood were sentences like this:  “Are you starting junior high? My lands, I’d never know you were 17.” 

My sister’s dark brown hair formed a white streak at 25.  I’m retired and I still have brown hairs mixed among the grey. 

At 17, when someone asked, “are you 12?” It was an insult.  But at 45 when someone asks your sister, “are you her mother?” her reaction is worth enduring the childhood insults.


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