March Writers of the #TMAT120



March 2 prompt:  The finest moment of your life

It’s hard to believe that so few people can point to the finest moment of their lives, but if there are only 3, these are indeed some of the finest moments imaginable.


It could have been the birth of my children, my gaining my University degree, my retirement from work.

But the most life changing moment was leaving my marriage. This moment signalled the end of years of abuse and torment. It allowed me to establish good relations with my children, find my own place in the world and create a life from which I was able to grow.

I did suffer for my decision but as I discovered the price of freedom is priceless. I was aided by the support of my children who knew what my life had been like. Without them by my side, I may not be where I am today.

It’s a decision I have never regretted.



There are so many since you and I met,
Our new life began, one I’ll never forget.
That very first meeting at a pub of my choice,
I insulted your car, well, it wasn’t a ‘royce.
Our wedding day and our guests of nine,
I meant every word, I’m so glad you’re mine.
That Amsterdam music, my first air’plane ride,
I shared many ‘firsts’, with you by my side.
Hilarious holidays when things all went wrong,
But we didn’t care, and just bumbled along.
You make me laugh, you make me cry too,
But that doesn’t detract from how much I love you.
My finest moment? One I cannot recall,
So many to choose from, can’t I have them all?



An old and worn photo of Chocy Box and myself.

When I was a young girl, Chocy Box, formally known as Chocolate Box, was my horse and best friend. But he did have a mind of his own and was considerably bigger than I was so he usually won.

One day, though, a bright sunny day, Chocy Box and I soared over a clear round of jumps. I was breathless with the taste of victory and pride.

That was the day I really felt my first true sense of accomplishment. I had achieved a goal after a lot of work, all by myself.

Chocy Box and I celebrated with a well-deserved bucket of oats and some Orange Squash. Pure joy.

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