A quick note about a pet blogging peeve

I have to admit that when I first started blogging in 2013, I was clueless.  I’d ask people to read my blog and add a link into the reply.

Then, a veteran blogger set me straight.

“Never add a link to another person’s blog unless they ask you to.”

  • No, I hadn’t thought about how it was like a stranger walking into your house just because the door is unlocked.
  • No, it hadn’t occurred to me that it was like hanging an advertisement for your business over someone else’s marquee.

Not until the first time it happened to me (yes, I admit, I can be dense like that at times).  But it was only a link, and I could take it out without removing the reply about the content of my blog.

Recently, people have started adding videos that can be found on their blogs.  These can take up as much room as my post.  It’s especially irritating when it starts happening after their FIRST reply cleared moderation (as if they know what they’re doing isn’t Kosher) and the links start appearing when the 2nd or 3rd replies to other posts start coming in.

If I said/sent something in a reply, and you didn’t think it was appropriate,  I’d expect you to explain to me what it is that you consider acceptable blogging behavior.

For the 99% of people who don’t add links unless I’ve specifically requested it (such as for #TMAT120), I thank you I’m also happy to share a post you’ve written that I think my readers will enjoy.

For the 1% who continue to send links, and videos advertising your website, when these have not been requested, please stop doing it.  I love your comments and if, you ask, I’ll be happy to share a post you’ve written that I think my readers will enjoy. 

But for the 1% who continue to insert unsolicited links into replies, my message to you is that I’ll have to delete your replies before they’re posted. Or, worse yet, if it continues I’ll have to report it as spam.  I am asking nicely: Please have some consideration for other people’s blogging homes.  I love your replies, I’m just asking for a little consideration.