Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Buds

Rottie Mutt:  Hey, bud!  What’cha doin’?

Fat White Dog:  Wondering.

RM:  ‘bout what?

FWD:  Mom says a tree is better than us.

RM:  Why?

FWD:  They know when to leave and they only create barks when necessary.

RM:   Mom’s just being mean ’cause we were barking all night.

FWD:  That’s why I’m digging a hole back there.

RM:    Trees don’t go anywhere. 

FWD:  I’m getting to the root of the problem.

RM:   By killing a tree?

FWD:  No, dummy!  Mom loves that tree.  This is vengeance.

RM:  You might wanna pack your trunk, make like a tree and branch out. 

FWD:  Bloomin’ Idjut!  You can’t even joke right.  It’s “make like a tree and leave!”

RM:   Whatever you do, you might want to do it quickly.

FWD:  Why?

RM:  Mom’s watching you dig from the window.