Stream of Consciousness Saturday : Insomnia

My old friend, Insomnia, is back with a vengeance.  She brought along her husband, Indigestion.  

Their kids, Exhaustion and Exasperation aren’t far behind, closely followed by their pet, Peeve.

The problem is so bad that I ended up writing a post in Facebook.  What’s next, Twitter?  Too much like driving the LA freeway for me.  There needs to be a social media site called Insta-Grand for people who grew up in an era where computers with 500 kB of memory took up an entire refrigerated basement.

My brain is screaming: SLEEP.  My body is screaming: SLEEP.  The only thing between me and the next bizzaarro trip to dreamworld is the ability to close my eyes and actually melt into that desired state of oblivion.

My rendition of Insomnia’s pet, Peeve, is this:

That blue thing is my lap.  He’s just crawled on it and nudging my hand.

Once those brats Exhaustion and Exasperation are too tired to play, it might drive Insomnia and Indigestion away.  Hope it happens before my personal pet Peeve decides to play “knead the human hand with a claw.”