Thursday? Already?

This is my 1-month anniversary back at the job I’d been doing from 2004 until December 1.

What a difference a 2 month and 8 day retirement can make.  I’d like to think of retirement this way


In a word: Nope.

I went from

What am I going to do today?


How am I going to get ALL of this done today!!!?

It’s Thursday.  Yoga day (now referred to as too-tired-for-yoga day). 

Here is the truth about retirement.  

If you have plenty of this

You don’t have to contemplate how to use this in a casserole:


There is far too little of this

And a S#!%-load of this

In one month, I went from this:

To this:

It’s been both rough and rewarding.

If I had a politicians retirement fund, would I have agreed to go back to work?

In a word: Yes.

There is no greater reward than being needed.  

I’m that crazy.