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 Welcome to March 2 

Today’s prompt is:  The finest moment of your life

 So that you don’t feel so alone in your embarrassment, here’s the story of my finest moment:

The birth of my children, receiving a bachelor’s degree at 36 and watching both my children graduate from college; those are some of life’s finest moments.

My B.S. degree helped me find the job I was meant to do, but social work is a labor of love, not a financial windfall.  Then, both my children met the loves of their lives and settled into the nuclear family bubble.

My finest moment?

Three years ago I skimmed through the first paperback copy of my book.  My eyes welled with joy the moment I mumbled, “I wrote this.”

I sat at my desk, clutching my book as I cried:  For that day I knew without a single doubt I was a writer. 

Here are the rules:

  1. A prompt for #TMAT120 will be given the first Thursday of every month. The prompt challenge begins whenever it’s that day in your time zone. For example:  12:01am to 11:59pm March 2nd. It ends on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  

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  5. Please don’t use hard-core curse words. Only lazy writers use variations of the F word for shock “value.”

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  7. Take time to read other people’s posts, after all it’s only 120 words. And you might make a new friend.

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