Senseless Sunday Sarcasm: Eulogy for a keyboard


A stark reminder of how I lost my last 3

I finished that tax time torture called “itemizing” yesterday.
All I can say is “Aaaarrrruuugh.”
Today, my favorite keyboard died. It’s last words were wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww in a string 5 lines long before I had to pull the plug. I don’t understand why. There are no w’s in aaaarrrruuugh.
Sure, it was only a PS2 keyboard plugged into a USB conversion unit, but I loved that keyboard, and the 3 others just like it.  I was careful not to allow this one to die from an overload of Stash Irish Breakfast Tea with honey. They can only stand so many hits when Other Brother Coon Cat unceremoniously kicks giant mugs of it on top of them to make more room for his oversized cat body.
I’m sure that cat-induced injuries contributed to my keyboard’s demise, but it held onto life until it’s last virtual breath. 
I will miss you terribly, Gateway SK9920…until I can locate another one just like you on Ebay.