Snarky Saturday Meme’s and a Lazy Caturday picture

Here’s your Caturday picture:


Other Brother Coon Cat is a master at the art of being lazy.  It makes me yawn just to look at this picture.

For a fair and balanced look at our 4-footed companions, I’ll throw in a Dog meme.

Now for a few snarky Saturday memes:


Except for that time she used 1 cup Milk of Magnesia instead of a cap full.

…and it’s worth about the same amount as the stuff that came with your Monopoly game. Only no one knows it yet.  Shhhh….

And for my next feat, I’m going to itemize my taxes.  All I’ll say about it is this:  #$%-%@m%*%  $*# of a B@st@#%!

I try to keep this a curse-free blog, but there are some days….