Senseless Sunday #Sarcasm: #Cats and #Dogs worried about the mom


Other Brother Coon Cat:  I’m worried about the mom.  She’s doing something called “working at home.”  It’s funny to watch when her eyes chase that big white pointer on the screen.  She used to love it when I slept on her arm while she was chasing a mouse. 

Rottie Mutt:  Would you stop me-jabbering? 

OBCC:  What are you doing that’s so special?

RM:  I’m trying to sleep!

OBCC:  On mom’s bed?  Don’t you have 3 other places to sleep?

RM:  You have 4!


OBCC:  I’m a cat.  I’m supposed to have more of EVERYTHING than you.

RM:  I messed up mom’s bed and she’s too busy to notice!  Life doesn’t get any better than this!

OBCC:  Until she’s ready to go to sleep.  Then she’ll be royally hissed.

RM:   I got this one, bro.  The moment she starts brushing her teeth, I’ll slink off to another bed.  She won’t know who did it.

OBCC:  Remember that flash of light you saw an hour ago?

RM:  Sorta.

OBCC:  That was the mom.  She took a picture of you in her bed. Next thing you know, she’ll carry you outside, close her door, and you won’t get back into her room until night time.

RM:  I don’t think so.  I weigh 80 pounds…and how do you know what she’d do?

OBCC:  Do you see how I’m sitting on my fluffy towel?

RM:  No, and I don’t care.

OBCC:  I understand a few words in humanese, like “food”, “angry”, “cute”, “you messed up my work again”, and “you’re outta here.” 


RM:  She closed the door on me once.  I love her so much, I tried to lick her face all night.  She yelled something, pushed me into the kitchen, and wouldn’t let me in her room. The next day, she went for a ride in the car really early and I didn’t see her again until dark.

OBCC:   I remember!  She forgot our canned food that night.  Now do you understand why I’m worried?

RM:  ‘Cause one day she’ll go to another work and forget to come back home?

OBCC:  No, dog-brain.  I’m worried she’ll forget how to open a can and I’ll have to eat dry cat food for the rest of my life.