One Liner Wednesday : Demented

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It’s been 2 years already.  I’m still waiting for the edits on book 2 to be completed. 

There are several reasons for this, beginning with the geographic distance between editor and writer, and life events that happened to both of us.

 I don’t have an alternative for professional editing unless currency falls out of the sky.  Well, that, and I happen to like my editor.

My only alternative is free editing.

Free editing comes with a price.  I’d have to take 3 planes across country and expend the energy of Hercules to mercilessly nag my sister for 3 weeks.

A stellar editor who hates editing.  It’s tragic, I tell you…just TRAGIC.  🙂 


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One-liner from book 3 in my series THE FIRST LEVEL OF HELL:

“What kind of demented species spends 100,000 years creating a parasitic platypus that’s going to screw itself out of existence?” Alma asked, sighing at the thick silence.

© Joelle LeGendre