#SOCS #Prompt “Why don’t you cut that mop?”

It’s time to participate in Linda Hill’s prompt.  For 2/4/2017, it’s HAIR.

NOTE:  Although my husband only asked me that question once, years ago,  it makes a good flash fiction prompt.



1972, age 22

“Why don’t you cut that mop,” my husband asked.

“Short hair just isn’t me,” I replied.

My fingers sifted through each hair, smoothing it as if petting one of my dogs.  My nerves began to calm, and I felt beautiful.

“It’s frayed at the ends,”  he said.  “Why don’t you cut off the frayed part.”

“I use a conditioner on the ends,” I replied.  

How do you explain to a man with a buzz cut that it takes 2 years to grow that 6 inches of fray.  If it were his appendage, he might care.  

Why would I want to look like every other woman 6 decades old who wears her hair like this (without the face lift accessory)?


“You look ridiculous.”

“So do you, but I don’t love you any less,”  I replied.

Some days you just have to give as good as you get, and spend time with someone who loves you.


Although you can’t see it that well, my hair is down to my tail bone.