Senseless Sunday #Sarcasm : The logic of #Cats


I used to lay on the printers.  Mom made covers for both of them with padding on top. That’s no fun!  

She looked through a magazine called Talking Book Topics and put it down to check her email. I slept on it so she’d have to pet me.  After all, I’m more important than her stupid magazine.

She pulled it out from under me!  How impolite!


No one does that to a cat and expects her stuff to live.

Mom moved the book to the other side of her desk.  I’m lying on it, and all of her mail.  So far, I’ve pushed off her tissue box in protest.  She didn’t react.

My next act of violence fell flat, too.  I didn’t direct my foot in the right place. Instead of the floor, her camera fell on her chair.

I’ll have to aim better next time.