99 word #prompt: political C#@p

January 12, 2017 99 word prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that expresses a strong concern, something to give a crap about. Something that brings out the feeling to stand up. How can you use it to show tension or reveal attitudes?


A man with midnight skin stood next to a coconut palm, amused when a slender woman with a cane hobbled past.

“Kill all cracker babies,” he yelled.

Barely 5 feet tall, light beige, and grey-haired, the woman with sharp blue eyes asked, “Were you born in Florida?”


“You ignorant SOB,” she said.  “Anyone born in Florida is a Florida cracker!”

 “Racist!” he blurted.

“So…you want to play political poker?   I’ll raise the stakes! My grandmother was a Seminole, I’m old and disabled. That beats your ‘racist’ any day.” 

She mumbled as she walked away, “I hate political c#@p.”