SENSELESS SUNDAY #SARCASM: #Cats #Dogs and new years


Other Brother Coon Cat:  What’s that sound?

Rottie Mutt:  It’s okay, little buddy.

OBCC:    Okay?  The sky is on fire!

RM:        People work fire into the sky on New Years Eve.

OBCC:   It’s December.  They do the same thing in July.  Why?

RM:       Humans are strange.  No one knows why they celebrate New Year’s twice when there’s only supposed to be one.

OBCC:  Can’t they pop fire in the sky that’s silent?  

RM:      How would I know?  I’m still trying to understand why they yell at me when I lift my leg to pee in the kitchen.

OBCC:  Who wants to begin a new year in winter?  Why not do it in March, when flowers start to bloom.

RM:      New year, new life.  That makes sense.

OBCC:  Why can’t humans make sense?

RM:       I stopped thinking about things like that once I had a warm human to cuddle next to, and a perpetual food bowl.

OBCC:  Typical dog.  Your standards are too low.

RM:        And you’re the one hiding under me, shivering in fear.

OBCC:   That’s because you’re expendable.