The “joys” of using a computer: Mouse (e)Vader

Another on a long list of 1st world problems:



I’d like to say that yesterday was delightful.

But that would be a lie…

…for yesterday, Mouse (e)Vader, my $2.00 piece of mouse poop from China, endured a well deserved brutal death.


When I use a text reader for documents, I highlight what I want it to read to me.  Yesterday it refused to highlight some of the time or, worse yet, moved text from one place to another.  Then it graduated, receiving a B.S. in screen freezing.

By 11 at night, I just wanted to send one email…ONE… and go to sleep.  The screen froze.  In my frustration, I banged the infuriating piece of plastic on the desk a few times.


The cursor started flying all over the place, but I’d freed the screen.

Finally!  The email I’d been trying so hard to finish was ready to travel.  

I hit the send button — and THE   %&$*%@g  SCREEN FROZE!!!!!   That’s when I discovered another horrifying 1st world fear.

Sometime during my fight with the mouse, it added another email address to a confidential message.  But not just any email address.  I’d started a message in another window and it was supposed to go on THAT one.

I alerted the unintended recipient, who immediately deleted it without reading (Whew!!!)

Yes, I changed out the mouse.  To one that’s exactly like it.

I mean….really…why would anyone order only one $2.00 mouse from China?