Senseless Sunday #Sarcasm : Dirty #Dogs


Rottie Mutt:  Mom is mad at me.

Mr. Wiggles:  What did you do this  time?  Pee on the cabinet, chew up her shoe, peal all the covers off the bed…

R. M:  I licked her.

Mr. W:  You know she doesn’t like that.

R. M.:  I wanted to share my snack with her.

Mr. W:  What snack?

R. M.:  Well…ya see…I was rooting around in the sand and I found this big ol’ worm and a juicy bug.  

Mr. W.:  So you thought she wanted to taste worm gravy over processed bug guts with a side of sand?

R.M. (licking sand off his snout)  It was delicious!

Mr. W.:  Where is mom now?

R.M.:  Last I saw, she had the shower head pointed to her mouth to clean it out with that bubbly stuff.  Then she upchucked her lunch and flushed it down the toilet.  That’s a waste of good food!

Mr. W.:  Mom’s coming outside with Dad.  They don’t look happy.

Humans march over to doggies that won’t stop barking.  Dad picks up the dirty one.  

R.M.:   Oh, no!  Dad is carrying me inside.  This can only mean one thing!  Rotties 6:23, King Fido’s Version!!!!

Mr. W.:  The wages of sin is bath!