Shameless self-promotion #2: Bored with your relatives?

A few weeks ago, I returned from a visit with my family over Thanksgiving.  My daughter was hostess to 10 people with differing opinions on everything from politics to TV shows.  

She lives near Oklahoma City, where aliens from other planets refuse to tread, and it’s not just because the natural gas industry is exploding there. Seriously, you don’t want to fart with Okies. 

Being with relatives has its downside.  And that’s not one-sided.  Who wants to be in the same room with a crabby light-sensitive writer fighting a migraine?  

I have to point out the one thing that saved my sanity (and, quite probably, everyone else’s):  My daughter insisted I sleep in the computer room so that I could write at any hour of the day or night.

This accomplished oh so much more.  A refuge from the lights, a place to listen to Coast to Coast am, and an escape away from people.  



If you like to curl up with a book on a cold night,  laugh at human frailty, get away from the uncle who can’t stop talking, escape the aunt who can’t say one good thing about your wardrobe, avoid the cousins who voted for the other candidate, or find respite from the kids who don’t understand what it means to be quiet as a mouse, 

Do I have a book for you!

It’s free on Kindle Unlimited, too.

I have another $2918.00 to go before I can afford to get book number 3 edited.  It costs nothing if you have Kindle Unlimited, so there’s really nothing to lose if you read the first 50 pages and say, “This is just too out-of-the-box for me.”

If you’re lucky, the aunt who can’t stop criticizing your wardrobe might like reading it too.